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George & Ira Gershwin - Of Thee I Sing / Let 'Em Eat Cake *duplo*

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George & Ira Gershwin - Of Thee I Sing / Let 'Em Eat Cake *duplo*

Artista / BandaGeorge & Ira Gershwin

Gravadora:  CBS

Conservação da Capa:  Ótimo Estado

Conservação do DiscoÓtimo Estado

Nº de Faixas lado A:  15

Nº de Faixas lado B:  16

Ano Lançamento:  1987

Formato:  33 Rotações

Curiosidades:  com encarte

Faixas A:

Of Thee I Sing
A1. Overture
Act I
A2. Wintergreen For President
A3. Who Is The Lucky Girl To Be?
A4. The Dimple On My Knee
A5. Love Is Sweeping The Country
A6. Of Thee I Sing
Finale Act I
A7a. Supreme Court Judges
A7b. A Kiss For Cinderella
A7c. Some Girls Can Bake A Pie (Reprise)
A7d. Of Thee I Sing (Reprise)

Let 'Em Eat Cake
C1. Overture
Act I
C2. Tweedledee For President
C3. Union Square
C4. Store Scene
C5. Climb Up The Social Ladder
C6. The Union League (Cloistered From The City Noise)
C7. On And On And On
C8. Finale Act I (Beginning)

Faixas B:

Act II
B1. Hello, Good Morning
B2. Who Cares?
B3. The Illegitimate Daughter
B4. The Senator From Minnesota
B5. The Senate
B6. Posterity Is Just Around The Corner
B7. Trumpeter Below Your Golden Horn
B8. Finale Ultimo

Finale Act I (Conclusion)
D1. The General's Gone To A Party / Mother's Of The Nation / Let 'Em Eat Cake
Act II
D2. Blue, Blue, Blue
D3. The League Of Nations
D4. Up And At 'Em
D5. The Trial Of Throttlebottom
D6. The Trial Of Wintergreen
D7. First Lady And First Gent
D8. Hanging Throttlebottom In The Morning
D9. Fashion Show
D10. Finale Ultimo