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Best Shops - Boutiques de Rêve - Droomwinkels

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Best Shops - Boutiques de Rêve - Droomwinkels

Editora:  Ver Curiosidades

Ano:  2005

Conservação da Capa:  Bom Estado

Conservação do MioloBom Estado

ISBN:  9076886202

Acabamento:  Capa Dura

Nº de Páginas:  359

Formato:  24 x 31

Idioma:  Ver Curiosidades

Organizador:  Paco Asensio

Curiosidades:  Editora: Tectum
Idioma: Inglês / Francês / Alemão

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In recent years, shops and boutiques have assumed an urban and cultural role that would have been unimaginable in earlier times. Consumers today find that brand names furnish quality goods. As a result, they will visit their favourite brand-name stores all over the world in search of an identity that brand-name loyalty provides. In a competitive retail environment, the need to provide new experiences that differ from simple consumerism has encouraged the resurgence of spaces like those shown in this book. Best Shops takes us into the most recent projects that best illustrate the flexibility of today's spaces and presents a selection of the most outstanding commercial spaces that have been designed by architects to offer extraordinary shopping experiences. The spaces are multi-functional, hybrids, incorporeal, imaginative ventures to make neo-romantic and customizable shells that can be renewed at the same time as the collections.