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Cursed In the Act

  • Livro
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Cursed In the Act

AutorRaymond Buckland

Editora:  Berkley

Ano:  2014

Conservação da Capa:  Bom Estado

Conservação do MioloBom Estado

ISBN:  9780425268018

Acabamento:  Brochura

Nº de Páginas:  295

Formato:  14 x 21

Idioma:  Inglês

Coleção:  A Bram Stoker Mystery

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A presente obra encontra-se em bom estado de conservação, contém, apenas, pequeno adesivo colado na primeira página, e assinatura à caneta na última página, mas que não interfere na leitura.


FIRST IN A NEW SERIES! Bram Stoker, business manager for London's Lyceum Theatre, always expects the supernatural to be lurking around the corner. But investigating the murder of a cast member might be enough to make even him lose his head. 1881. When the star and owner of the Lyceum, Mr. Henry Irving, is poisoned on Hamlet's opening night, it's up to stage manager Harry Rivers to make sure the show goes on. Fortunately for Harry, Mr. Irving is able to pull through and walk the boards as planned. But when his understudy is killed the very next day, Harry's boss, Bram Stoker, becomes convinced that foul play is afoot. Mr. Irving has a list of enemies longer than a Shakespearean soliloquy, any of whom would have been happy for the curtain never to rise. It soon becomes clear that nefarious, possibly magical, methods are being employed to shut the play down. With more cast and crew members falling victim to the increasingly dangerous accidents on set, it's up to Harry and Stoker to figure out which of Irving's critics has a voodoo vendetta.