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Blood Orange

  • Livro
  • Literatura Estrangeira

Blood Orange

AutorDrusilla Campbell

Editora:  Kensington Books

Ano:  2005

Conservação da Capa:  Bom Estado

Conservação do MioloBom Estado

ISBN:  0758209215


Acabamento:  Brochura

Nº de Páginas:  344

Formato:  14 x 21

Idioma:  Inglês

Coleção:  Reader's Guide Inside

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Nota do Messias

A presente obra encontra-se em bom estado de conservação, contém, apenas, algumas manchas amareladas causadas pelo tempo e marcações a carimbo na primeira página e na contracapa, mas que não interferem na leitura.


Dana Cabot cannot remember the kind of person she was before May 29th, the day she became angry at God, at her workaholic attorney husband, and herself. The day her seven-year-old daughter, Bailey, disappeared. As the months wear on without a trace of her adorable but troubled child, Dana can't help blaming her husband's controversial defense of an accused abuser for playing a role in the abduction-and it shows in the strain on their marriage. But then a shocking event offers a clue to what really happened to Bailey-and Dana's unwitting part in it. Haunted by the unthinkable consequences of revealing everything she knows, Dana must decide whether to keep the truth to herself-or risk losing the rest of her family.