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Given to Him: The Worship *Importado*

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Given to Him: The Worship *Importado*

Gravadora:  Desconhecido

Conservação da Capa:  Ótimo Estado

Conservação do CDÓtimo Estado

Região:  Região 1

Duração:  45 minutos

Cor:  Colorido

Curiosidades:  Gravadora: MMIV


GIVEN TO HIM is a unique experience in worship, with carefully selected songs set to some of the most stunning film footage ever seen. It is a visual feast through skies and seas, mountains and meadow and the world of wildlife flowers. It seeks to follow a tradition of song writers who first and foremost compose their music to glorify God, His attributes and nature. God's creative power and infinite wisdom are reflected in this awesome arrangement of film and music.

1. His Name His Name: Andrew & Saskia Smith
2. I Must Decrease: Andrew & Saskia
3. The Lion And The Lamb: Crystal Lewis
4. Give Me Jesus: Stephanie LaBarge
5. To The King: Matthew Ward
6. King Of My Life: Andrew & Saskia
7. I Will Bless The Lord Always: Andrew & Saskia
8. The Disciples Prayer: Stephanie 9. I Will Worship You: Matthew Ward
10. To The King, Live Version: Matthew Ward