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Brian Wilson - That Lucky Old Sun

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Brian Wilson - That Lucky Old Sun

Gravadora:  Desconhecido

Conservação da Capa:  Ótimo Estado

Conservação do CDÓtimo Estado

Região:  Região 4

Idioma:  Inglês

Recomendação:  Livre

Cor:  Colorido

Sistema de Som:  2.0 / 5.1

Extras:  The King of the album and a Look at brian wilson's life long Personal and creative relationship with Southern California Bonus Especial Track By track commentary By Brian Wilson and scott Bennett Behind the Scenes Studio Footage For the making of he album Nissan Live Sets On Yahoo Music Plus Q &A Mysoace artist on artist interview With Brian Wilson and zooey Deschanel The black cab sessions Web performance

Curiosidades:  Gravadora: Visual Recording


That Lucky Old Sun
Morning Beat
Narrative: Room With A View
Good Kind Of Love
Forever She'll Be My Surfer Girl
Narrative: Venice Beach
Live Let Live / That Lucky Old Sun
Mexican Girl
Narrative: Cinco De Mayo
California Role / That Lucky Old Sun
Narrative: Between Pictures
Oxygen To The Brain
Can't Wait Too Long
Midnight's Another Day
That Lucky Old Sun
Going Home
Southern California