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Silas Marner - The Weaver of Raveloe *importado region 1*

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Silas Marner - The Weaver of Raveloe *importado region 1*

Gravadora:  Desconhecido

Ano:  2007

Conservação da Capa:  Ótimo Estado

Conservação do CDÓtimo Estado

Região:  Região 1

Idioma:  Inglês

Duração:  90 minutos

Cor:  Colorido

Diretor:  George Eliot

Formato de Tela:  4:3

Sistema de Som:  Dolby Digital

Coleção:  BBC Video Classics

Curiosidades:  Gravadora: BBC



Silas Marner is a simple weaver living a reclusive life is a village in the south of England. Falsely accused of theft, he has fled the home of his ancestors. Renounced by his bride-to-be and his former friends, he turns to a singular purpose-the accumulation of gold. Though the earnings from his trade are small, over time his fortune grows. And suddenly his life's path is altered dramatically. In a short space of time, his gold is stolen and another treasure is discovered. A child appears at his doorstep. Her opium-addicted mother is found dead, and Silas takes the child in as his own. Life has new meaning-true purpose. Years pass. Then, just as suddenly, he and his beloved Eppie are dealt a stunning blow! Her realism is relieved, as in actual life, by love, helpfulness and pathos; by deep sorrow, sufferings patiently borne, and tender sympathy for others' woes.