America the Beautiful *Importado*

America the Beautiful *Importado*

Artista / BandaJohn Williams / Arthur Fiedler

Gravadora:  Angel

Ano:  1996

Conservação da Capa:  Ótimo Estado

Conservação do CDÓtimo Estado

Nº de Faixas:  15

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1 Fanfare For The Common Man
2 American Salute ('When Johnnie Comes Marching Home
3 America, The Beautiful
4 This Land Is Your Land
5 Hoe-Down
6 Battle Hymn Of The Republic
7 Prayer Of Thanksgivin
8 The Ent
9 Alexander's Ragtime Band
10 Strike Up The Band
11 76 Trombones
12 When The Saints Go Marchin' In
13 The Stars And Stripes Forever
14 America, The Dream Goes On
15 Variations On America