Ibiza Day & Night *Duplo* *Importado*

100 Min. Nonstop-DanceMix!

Ibiza Day & Night *Duplo* *Importado*

100 Min. Nonstop-DanceMix!

Artista / BandaVários

Gravadora:  Edel Records

Ano:  1994

Conservação da Capa:  Bom Estado

Conservação do CDÓtimo Estado

Nº de Faixas:  20

Curiosidades:  Leves desgastes no encarte

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1-1 DJ BoBo- Everybody (First Edition)
1-2 TNN- La Cucamarcha (Club Version)
1-3 Fun Factory- Take Your Chance [Take The Drum Mix]
1-4 Dag* & Alan*- Another Hot Day At The Bay
1-5 Sub Zero- Legalize (12' Mix)
1-6 Pacha Rebels- El Ritmo De Loco [Yaapah Mix]
1-7 Urban Cookie Collective- 'High On Happy Vibe' (Jonny L. Sinus Mix)
1-8 Latino Brothers- The Misk (Extended Version)
1-9 Tag Team- Here It Is! Bamm [The Loop Reconstruction]
1-10 Scooter- Hyper,Hyper
2-1 Armand Van Helden- Egyptian Magician [Ethnic Mix]
2-2 Blast- Crayzy Man
2-3 Shawn Christopher- Make My Love
2-4 The Original- I Love You Baby [Swing Mix]
2-5 Tony Di Bart- The Real Thing (If I Can't Have You)
2-6 The Loop- Vallee De Larnes
2-7 The Outhere Brothers- Fuk U In The Ass [Pegasus Remix]
2-8 The O.T. Quartet- Hold That Sucker Down
2-9 Robin S.- Show Me Love
2-10 The Good Men- Give It Up