Blue Bay - Funkydrome - Talkin' Loud *Importado*

Blue Bay - Funkydrome - Talkin' Loud *Importado*

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Conservação da Capa:  Ótimo Estado

Conservação do CDÓtimo Estado

Nº de Faixas:  10

Curiosidades:  Gravadora: Blue Bay

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1 Young Disciples- Young Disciples Theme
2 Steps Ahead- Get It (The Rap Remix)
3 Jalal*- Mean Machine 90
4 Young Disciples- Step Right On
5 Galliano- Little Ghetto Boy
6 Incognito- Glide
7 Ace Of Clubs- Tribal Knight
8 Wild And Peaceful- Bassic
9 Transphonic- Light Up, Plug In, Bug Out
10 Wild And Peaceful- Hip-ology