Summer Classics

Summer Classics

Artista / BandaVários

Gravadora:  BMG

Ano:  1998

Conservação da Capa:  Ótimo Estado

Conservação do CDÓtimo Estado

Nº de Faixas:  15

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1- Overture From a Midsummer Night's Dream
2- Allegro Non Molto From 'Summer'
3- 'July: The Song of the Reaper' From The Seasons
4- 'Summer' From Four Seasons
5- 'Summertime' From Porgy and Bess
6- Adagio From 'Summer'
7- 'Summer' From Burchfield Gallery
8- 'Summer' From 'Les Quatres Saisons'
9- 'August Harvest Time' From the Seasons
10- 'The Last Rose of Summer'
11- 'If Fell On a Summer's Day'
12- 'Summer Evening' From Lyric Pieces, Op.71, No2
13- The Fourth of July
14- Nocturne From A Midsummer Night's Dream
15- Presto From 'Summer'